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Whatsapp,a social networking app which everyone is quite familiar with is used to stay connected with our loved ones. People share their feelings via texts and Whatsapp Status.

Whatsapp Status could be anything texts,GIFs,images.

Here are some really cool Whatsapp Status both texts as well as images for you to put on your whatsapp.

Whatsapp Status – The Greater your capacity 

The Greater your capacity to love,
The greater your capacity to feel the pain.

Whatsapp Status New- One day, I hope you look back

Love Quote

One day, I hope you look back at what we had,
and regret every single thing you did to let it end.

Whatsapp Status Images- So it’s true

Breakup Quotes

So it’s true,when all is said and done,
Grief is the price we pay for love.

Status in English Love – Be kind,be loving,be caring

Be kind,be loving,be caring,be understanding,
But never lose yourself in the process.

Status in English Love – I love the feeling

I love the feeling I get
When i see you

Whatsapp Status Images – I need to let go

Sad status

I need to let go of this false hope that
You will change your mind and comeback to me.

Whatsapp Status Images – If someone makes you miserable

Whatsapp sad status

If someone makes you miserable more than they make you happy,
Then it is time to let them go,no matter how much you love them.

Whatsapp Status Quotes – Breakups are so scary

Breakup Quotes

Breakups are so scary,you spend
days,months and years doing everything together.
And one day,you wake up having to live life
on your own again.

Whatsapp Status Quotes – Seduced Lovelessly

Whatsapp Shayari Status

Seduced Lovelessly,
Loved Heartlessly,
Left Mercilessly

Instagram Status Images- I didn’t know that

Whatsapp Status Quotes

I didn’t know that
I was talking with you for the last time
I didn’t know that
I was fighting with you for the last time

Instagram Status Images – I’m over,over it

Sad Shayari status

I’m over,over it is just a lie,it’s not true,
I am still in love with you

Whatsapp Status – Then you end up comforting them

Then you end up comforting them,
Even though the one who needed comforting was you.

Status in English Love – I love you

If you’re in my life right now..
I love you

Whatsapp Status free download – I hurt myself today

Shayari for Whatsapp Status

I hurt myself today,
To see if i still feel
I focus on the pain,
The only thing that’s real.

Instagram Image – You were the best thing

Whatsapp Status 2020

You were the best thing that ever happened to me but..
You also remind me of the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Status in English Love – I wish I could

I wish I could make you understand
That how much I Love You.

Whatsapp Status download – I knew it was over

Breakup status 2020

I knew it was over when i realized i was in
more love with the memories than the
Person standing in front of me.

Instagram Status Quotes – But how they Go

People Go
But how they Go
Always Stays.

Whatsapp Status Image – What have i become?

Shayari Status on Whatsapp

What have i become?
Everyone i know goes away
In the end.

Instagram Status – Biggest lesson learned this year

Biggest lesson learned this year is
Probably to not give so much of yourself,
to the people who will not do the
same for you.

Whatsapp Status Image – One day may come

Breakup Quotes 2020

One day may come when you’ll be in my shoes
Then your heart will break and you will feel just like I do.

 Whatsapp Status free download – Who hurt you?

Sad Quotes 2020

Who hurt you?
My own thoughts and expectations.

Breakup Status – Worst feeling ever

Worst feeling ever,
When you can’t love someone
Coz ur heart still belongs to the one
Who broke it.

Breakup Status – One of the most courageous

One of the most courageous decisions
You will ever make is to finally let go
Of what is hurting your heart and soul.

 Breakup Status Image – I’m the one

Whatsapp status shayari hindi

I’m the one that made you rich
When i bought every lie you sold to me.

Whatsapp Status – Between what is said and not meant

Between what is said and not meant,
And what is meant and not said,
Most of the love is lost.

Instagram Status Sad – You say you’re here

You say you’re here
But I don’t feel it
Give me peace
But then you steal it.

Status in English Love – I will text you first

Whatsapp status shayari in hindi

I will text you first,keep conversations going,
make plans,but if i’m the only one
putting in the effort then
I’m not going to keep trying.

Whatsapp Sad Status – I lost something

Why do i feel like
I lost something
I never had.

Instagram Sad Status – Our story

breakup quotes 2020

Our story deserved a better ending.


Whatsapp Status Image – going to ignore me

Whatsapp Status in hindi


Are you just going to ignore me forever or
Why do i even try anymore

Instagram Sad Status – I had to leave you

Whatsapp Shayari status in hindi

I had to leave you,
When it all came down to the point,
Where my self respect
was on the line.

Instagram Status Sad  – I apologize

I apologize even though i know it’s lies.

Whatsapp Status Image – We all are trying to Climb

Whatsapp Shayari

We all are trying to
Climb a ladder
But it’s crazy to see
What some will do to
Climb it faster

Whatsapp Breakup Status  – People with good heart

whatsapp shayari status

People with good heart are always
Unlucky in Relationships

Whatsapp Status Image  – None of us can go back

whatsapp sttaus hindi

None of us can go back.
All we can do is our best, and
Sometimes the best that we can
do is to start over.

Instagram Status – If you’re not dating

shayari status for whatsapp

If you’re not dating to get married
You’re dating to get heartbroken.

Status in English Love  -You don’t drown

You don’t drown by falling in the water.
You drown by staying there.

Status in English Love – Everything about you

I’m undeniably in love with
Everything about you

Status in English Love – It hurts me every time

It hurts me every time
I see you
Makes me realize how much
I need you

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WhatsApp is the name of a mobile messaging app for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or for Mac or Windows PCs. WhatsApp lets users make free voice calls, face-to-face video calls or text message. By using your wired Internet connection or connecting your device to Wi-Fi, users avoid SMS and data usage mobile carrier fees that are typically associated with texting and voice or video messaging.



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